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le Pavillon des Sciences

Located in the Parc du Près-la-Rose in Montbéliard, the Pavillon des Sciences is a pure marvel of scientific discovery that gives you a new perspective on science. Its main strengths : a determination hit the mark every time in making the carefully prepared exhibitions accessible to the general public, with facilitators permanently present in the exhibitions. Whether these are temporary or permanent exhibitions, the facilitators will transport the visitor to the heart of their subject with incredible ease. A children’s area, interactive and fun, is also provided by the team, who takes undisguised pleasure in welcoming curious people of all ages. Espace Galilée permanent exhibition : L'Ile de la Découverte (The Island of Discovery) : On the trail of a shipwrecked captain, explorers aged 4 to 9 will have to use their 5 senses to reach the island’s treasure. Each step guides them through exotic flora and fauna to discover other cultures.

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Public price
Base rate - full rate adult : €4.50
Child rate : €3.00
Price with the pass
Base rate - full rate adult : Free
Child rate : Free



1 Impasse de la Presqu'ile
Parc scientifique du Près la Rose

03 81 91 46 83