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Haras National de Cluny

When in 1807 Napoleon the First created the stud farm in Cluny, a town that had gained world-wide recognition due to the past influence of its abbey, it seemed only natural to place the first breeding horses in the Saint-Hugues stables adjoining the Abbey structure. The buildings that today house some forty studs were originally built between 1814 (the oldest wing of the stables) and 1880. The horse, which unites the passions of sport and culture, has become not only the centrepiece of a major cultural project to showcase the abbey, but also a driving force behind development of a thriving equestrian centre, called Equivallée, which has already been validated and sponsored by the Department. The National Stud Farm is now one of the pivotal components of this extensive project, backed by the Burgundy Regional Council, the Saône-&-Loire Departmental Council and the City of Cluny, for the purpose of installing new facilities (riding arenas both indoor and outdoor, stalls, parking areas) that coalesce the Stud Farm, race track and riding club into a cohesive entity. A new age has dawned for Cluny's national equestrian scene, which will soon resemble the prestigious Saumur National School, in laying the groundwork for the French Horse and Equestrian Institute.


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2 Rue Porte des Prés
71250 CLUNY

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