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Musée Départemental des Arts & Techniques

The regional Arts and Techniques Museum is located up in Champlittle and offers the visitor a glance at the evolution of artisanal techniques during the first decades of the 20th century. New energy sources such as the steam engine, electricity, or even the spark ignition engine completely transformed the work habits and shops of the artisans represented here – the cobblers, shoemakers, cheesemongers, bakers, etc. Modern methods of transportation such as cars and bicycles existed alongside traditional horse-drawn vehicles, and several examples of the latter are on display here.

In accordance with government announcements, the health pass is required at the entrance of the museum We thank you for your understanding.


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Base rate - full rate adult : €6.00
Child rate : Free
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Base rate - full rate adult : Free
Child rate : Free



Rue des Lavières

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