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Abbaye de Cîteaux

In 1098, a group of monks from Molesme Abbey arrived to an out way location – the Cîteaux forest – in order to lead a simple life, in line with the teaching of Gospel. Today, the Cîteaux Abbey is a community belonging to the Order of cistercians of Strict Observance. It has about 30 brothers committed to following a certain lifestyle : the art of seeking God, knowing one self, fraternity through prayer, work, reading, living together and leading ascetic life. A spiritual and cultural voyage through the 900 years of Cîteaux’s history will enable you to get acquainted with Cistercian art, Medieval limming, a XVe century library and a XVIIe century noviciate. All visits are guided and limited to 25 people (1H15), it’s recommended to reserve. Film : “Cîteaux, a tree of life” (22min.)


Low season from 27/04 to 10/07 and from 31/08 to 02/10. Closed on Monday, Tuesday and Sunday morning. Exceptional opening on Monday 06/06. Ascension Day 26/05: Sunday opening hours. High season from 12/07 to 28/08: closed on Monday and Sunday morning. Low season - All Saints' Day from 04/10 to 06/11: open every afternoon except Monday.

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A partir de 12 ans : parcours accompagné sans ou avec film
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Base rate - full rate adult : €10.50
Child rate : €7.00
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Base rate - full rate adult : Free
Child rate : Free



Route de Seurre - RD996

03 80 61 32 58