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Musée de la Machine Agricole et de la Ruralité (le Mumar)

Dive into the heart of the living agricultural heritage. Dating from 1993, our museum has a collection of more than 150 agricultural machines, all in working order. As a guardian of rural life, it also presents the old woodworking trades that once populated our villages. Enter a 3,600 m² discovery area divided into 3 sections. - The origins From tools powered by human strength to the use of animal power, rediscover how the land was worked before the arrival of today's agricultural machines. Mechanical energy has revolutionised our society: from steam to petrol engines, not forgetting electricity, enter the world that our "elders" knew. - All tractors - Harvest time This is the temple of tractors and combines. Our tractors retrace the history of our countryside: from the First World War to the rural exodus of the 1950s, not forgetting the democratisation of the tractor after the Second World War and the arrival of the "giant" tractors. Among our models, some are very rare : AUROR from 1919, IHC TITAN from 1916, DOE 130 from 1965 .. Composed of about 70 models, the collection of combines is one of the most important in the world with rare or unique pieces : Caterpillar 38, Deering n°8, Société Française MBA 2, Merlin 531, Guillotin MA 240 but also an Espicadora from Argentina and an Australian Stripper and many others to discover.. - The woodworking trades A witness to the past, this area is dedicated to the woodworking trades and the know-how of craftsmen. The world of wheelwrights, clog makers and coopers will no longer hold any secrets for you. - A collection of irons With more than 1000 pieces, our collection retraces the history of irons from prehistoric times to the present day. From the animal's jawbone to the electric iron, the iron has followed the evolution of energies: embers, gas, alcohol, oil, electricity... Throughout your visit, our "tractor" terminals are there to answer your questions in a fun and interactive way. - An annual programme It is also a place for summer events, such as the Rétrofoin, the Lupéenne race, the Rétromoisson, the Tire-billons, the European Heritage Days and the fruit festival. Since 1983, our Rétromoisson has been held every 15th August. During this day, all our machines come back to life for an exceptional life-size reconstruction. - A conservatory orchard With more than 50 ancient species of fruit trees, our conservatory orchard is a real open-air museum. A bridge between yesterday, today and tomorrow, it teaches children and adults alike about the different cycles of nature while raising awareness of the need to preserve our environment.


OPEN from 1 May to 30 September From 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm Every day except Tuesday. OFF SEASON: Visit by appointment on

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9 rue du Maître de Forges

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