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Points de vente

Achetez votre Pass Découverte BFC en Bourgogne-Franche-Comté !

Découvrez le réseau de points de vente où acheter votre Pass Découverte BFC en fonction de votre localisation ! Plus facile encore: la boutique en ligne.


Château de Ratilly


At the end of a small dirt road stands the impressive facade of the Château de Ratilly, a true medieval fortress built on foundations from the 11th century, completed in the 13th century, then partly transformed during the Renaissance. The four co...


Chateau de Ray-Sur-Saône


Set on a rocky promontory, the Château de Ray-sur-Saône is a building of remarkable architecture, nestling in the heart of six hectares of wooded parkland, a veritable jewel case of greenery. The site offers an exceptional panoramic view of the vi...


Château de Sully


A jewel of the French Renaissance, Sully and its towers are quietly reflected in the water of the surrounding moat. In this beautiful family castle was born the famous Marshal de Mac Mahon, one of the first Presidents of the French Republic. Today...

Wine and Gastronomy

Château de Tracy


The 32-hectare estate extends from the slopes of the Château de Tracy to the central plateau of the appellation, the Champ de Cris. Today the estate is managed by Juliette d'Assay, perpetuating the family's long-standing ethos of high quality and ...


Citadelle de Besançon


Vauban's masterpiece and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Besançon Citadel is considered to be one of the most beautiful in France. It towers more than 100 metres above the old town of the Comtois capital, set in a meander of the river, and offer...

Recreation Park

Ck Pont-de-Roide


The club offers you the chance to discover the region from the point of view of the river Doubs, by renting a kayak, canoe or paddle, or by descending the river accompanied by a qualified instructor; Location: 14 bis rue du Général Herr 25150 Pon...