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Achetez votre Pass Découverte BFC en Bourgogne-Franche-Comté !

Découvrez le réseau de points de vente où acheter votre Pass Découverte BFC en fonction de votre localisation ! Plus facile encore: la boutique en ligne.

Thematic Museum

le Cassissium


The Cassissium presents its fun and interactive museography: thanks to numerous tactile, visual, olfactory and of course gustatory animations, enter the world of the blackcurrant where you will discover its history and its many uses, whether in co...

Thematic Museum

le Lion de Bartholdi


A symbol of the town's heroic resistance during the assault of 1870-1871, the Lion of Belfort owes its existence to Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, the famous sculptor behind the Statue of Liberty. A colossus made of blocks of pink sandstone set again...

Thematic Museum

le Musée d'histoire


To find out about everyday life in the region from prehistoric times to the period of invasions, visit the History Museum. Housed in the centre of the Citadel overlooking Belfort, the museum has something for everyone with its historical, archaeol...

Thematic Museum

le Pavillon des Sciences


Located in the Près la Rose park, the Science Pavilion is a pure marvel of scientific discovery that offers you a different view of science. Its main assets: a desire to do things right that hits the nail on the head every time and makes the caref...

Thematic Museum

les Prisons Royales


The history and little secrets of an 18th-century prison! This historic complex dating from the 18th century is unique in Burgundy Franche-Comté for its state of preservation. Under Louis XIV, Franche-Comté was a province ripe for smuggling. The...

Guided tour

Mâcon Sud Bourgogne, Tourisme et Congrès


Mâcon historique et insolite Qui n’a jamais visité le Mâconnais, territoire viticole par excellence, n’a jamais vraiment visité la Bourgogne. Idem pour sa capitale ! Sixième plus grande ville de la région, Mâcon a ses atouts et ses secrets pour v...